April's Journey to Fertility: Week Thirty Two


Fertility SymbolApril is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two and a half years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face.
Week 32: Life’s Haze
Working through fertility treatments presents a significant challenge: finding balance. There are so many fertility recommendations that following each one would be nearly impossible. Following even some requires a great deal of time, effort, and organization, but we forge forward because we know the end result will be worth it. I wonder though, how often do we forge forward mindfully?
For example, how often do we truly consider if proceeding through the next cycle is the best choice for our emotions and bodies? Do we contemplate taking a break from the treatments in order to rejuvenate, or do we let the fear of not constantly enhancing our chances of becoming pregnant drive our choice to proceed through another cycle, even when the circumstances may not be optimal? I know that I have needed a break to rejuvenate, but I have also needed a break to find my balance, which fosters mindful action and thought.
I recently decided that I must take a different approach to my hurried weekday mornings. I usually run around trying to achieve the necessary tasks, always feeling rushed and anxiety laden. Unfortunately, there is not much time to focus on me before work, but I knew something had to change.
I decided that I needed to find my balance to achieve some focus, but I did not know that just 30 extra minutes a day would have such an impact! My new routine begins with me waking up a half hour early so I can exercise for 20-25 minutes and meditate for 5-10 minutes. (By the way, for those of you who have on demand television, there is an exercise channel that has 10 minute AM Yoga routines. I think they were made just for me!) I find that these extra morning minutes increase my productivity and focus all day. I am invigorated when I begin my day instead of arriving at work in a flustered and rushed manner. I also tend to make smarter and healthier choices as a result of clearing my mind before the bustle of the day begins. I tend to eat more nutritiously and use my time more wisely during the work day, both of which I attribute to being more focused.
I am not sure that 30 minutes in the morning will be what you need to decrease life’s haze and to achieve a sense of balance. My plan may not work for certain schedules or personalities. However, I bet there is something you can do that will help you to focus your energy and find balance in your daily life.
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