April's journey to fertility: Week nineteen


Fertility SymbolApril is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face.
Week Nineteen: The Changing Seasons
I cannot believe I have been writing my online articles since early May! Thank you to those who have commented and encouraged me along the way. I have to say, I love reading your comments!!!
As autumn begins, I think we are all adjusting to more rigid schedules. Although I often mourn the loss of summer, I have to say I am thankful to have had such a spectacular summer! In my Week Nine article I discussed how summer is an excellent time to simply enjoy the moment, and I am happy to report I did just that. The dog and I took many walks, my husband and I enjoyed a late summer vacation in the Berkshires and I read a number of fiction and non-fiction pieces, some of which I shared in my weekly online articles.
Just as I set a summer intention to be more spontaneous and to live in the moment, I realize that I need to develop a new intention for this new season. As I ponder what my mind, body and spirit need most, I know I must remember that there will always be a pile of work waiting for me and my to-do list will never quite be complete. Whose is? I have to confess that in the midst of my summertime spontaneity, I neglected some of the more significant parts of my routine, primarily my Gratitude List and yoga. While I don’t want to add more to my to-do list, I do believe that taking some time to reflect on what I do have makes me feel better about what I may not yet have. Keeping a gratitude list also gives me the faith I need to believe that motherhood will happen for me since I have already been blessed in other areas of my life. Yoga allows me the guided time I need to find that quiet place that exists deep within and allows me to simply be well, look well, and feel well. A quite mind can be a great gift, and yoga helps train my mind to be just that – quiet, which provides such an awesome sense of peace and wellness.
As I set my autumn intention to practicing yoga regularly and keeping my daily gratitude lists, I remember what Dr. Rob said at one of our follow-up visits – that I can spend a mere 10-15 minutes a day on yoga in order to reap the benefits. I need to fit in what works for me when it works for me, and if there is a day when something does not work that is okay.
What provides your sense of well-being and what can you reasonably commit to in order to enjoy the fall season?
Autumn Blessings,
April all Year
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