April's journey to fertility: Week eighteen


April is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face.
CNY Fertility and Healing Arts, Rochester, NY

Week eighteen: Grand Opening
Not only does Dr. Kiltz know how to throw a Grand Opening party, he knows how to reach out to others. The minute he greets anyone he gives him or her a hug, and when a patient leaves his office, a hug usually accompanies any necessary paperwork as well. Additionally, he strives to meet his patients’ needs by offering daily words of encouragement and numerous workshops for couples dealing with infertility. He also strives to integrate Eastern and Western medical practices. Dr. Rob’s desire to help his patients achieve their dreams of creating a family is reflected in his truly caring demeanor. By reaching out to each patient, he takes the monotony out of the process and gives each patient a personal boost of encouragement.
Too often, we don’t make the time to reach out to others. What I truly appreciate about CNY is that someone there always takes the time to reach out to me, and at the Rochester Grand Opening on Tuesday, CNY reached out to over 100 people! Everyone from the employees of the medical office next door to current and past patients to town officials were in attendance. In fact, many attendees were current patients who had their families stop by for a visit as well, myself included.
What occurred to me, as my husband and both of my parents were sitting out on the deck, is that there are no other fertility centers that make such an attempt at creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly two and a half years, and if you have read my previous articles, you know that we have faced other significant obstacles as well. What has always been a challenge for me is my family’s hesitation to openly offer support. Yet, here they both were talking about sperm, Petri dishes and follicle development in the middle of a fairly busy and public setting. I found myself sitting there wondering exactly what motivated them to both openly show their interest and support – now.
The answer is quite simple; CNY not only reaches out to its patients, but inspires its patients to reach out as well. Communicating about infertility is usually embarrassing and uncomfortable, but not at CNY – which is why I was able to reach out to my parents by inviting them to the Grand Opening, who in turn reached back to show their support. I truly believe that because the setting of this event was unconventional, many people who are uncomfortable, embarrassed or simply unaware of fertility issues were able to be a bit more comfortable and open-minded regarding this important topic.
Actually, I think CNY’s patient-centered approach and integrated medical practices appeal to a number of people who would prefer a hug over a handshake! Congratulations to all of the Rochester CNY Staff who made their Grand Opening truly celebratory.
April all Year
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  1. Janet
    Janet says:

    Hi April,
    I have to agree with your statement about Dr. Kiltz and the staff at CNY. I am from Toronto and after almost 5 years of trying Dr. Kiltz and his staff made our dreams come true, but in doing so allowed my husband and myself to learn we are not alone, they were always there and the hugs come from the heart! Continue on your path it will take you the right way however long it takes to get there remember you are not alone nor are you the first or last on this path. My parents sound similar to yours, but I must admit the more I talked about what was happening the more it became normal to them and now it’s like talking about the weather. Talking encourages others and reminds them they aren’t alone, so I want to thank you for talking and remember not only are smiles and hugs free when they come from the heart they will always make you feel better!

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