Approaching Your Cycle as a Couple
Posted by: Editor on Jul 11, 2012 in News

Last night at our Syracuse Circle of Hope support group, we had a great discussion on the importance of approaching a cycle together, if you are on this journey with a partner.  As we discussed the many benefits of acupuncture, diet, and Chinese herbs, we also emphasized the fact that there is a lot of preparation the male partner can do as well.

The fertility journey tends to be more focused on the female partner.  This can add great pressure to the female’s mind and body, while also making the male partner feel a little detached from the process.  To truly make this a joint effort, a great way to feel as one is to pursue Traditional Chinese Medicine together.  There are many benefits for both partners, and there are many lifestyle changes that can be made together.  Nurturing your fertility with diet and exercise, together, is also a great way to return some intimacy to your cycle.  If you both are making an effort and making great lifestyle changes to support your health, you will likely find that you naturally grow closer.

If you are interested in the many Traditional Chinese Medicine options that we offer and would like to learn how they can support your fertility, please contact our practitioners at CNY Healing Arts:

Enjoy each other during this process, and remember to proceed as one!



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