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It’s Dr. Rob and Dr. Rob’s Mind Body Health.  I’m here to share with you some new thoughts and ideas on how to bring health and wellness to your life, be it through the mind, through the consumption of the body and through the motion of the body which creates the vibrancy, health and smile which we develop through the mind, body and smile of life.
This is a spiritual, amazing journey that we live every day.  All that comes is perfect, as it’s meant to be.  That doesn’t mean that He didn’t give you and me the tools and instructions on how to take it to the next level.  We’ve listened and learned and been told “the way” and it’s gotten us in the way of our own health and wellness.  Now we need to get out of the way of our own stubborn selves and begin to think and be open to a new way and that is Dr. Rob’s Mind Body Health.  It begins with how you start each day.  You open your eyes and you dream and you think, “Oh my God, Lord.  Thank you for this day.  How grateful I am.”
Now you walk to the cupboards. You open them up and you DON’T grab the box of cereal or the yogurt from the refrigerator.  You simply grab that nice, fresh ground coffee (organic and clean!) and then you add that amazing organic grass-fed salted butter to your fresh-brewed coffee and you start the day with that.  Then you simply do a little yoga and meditation. You visualize; you write and you begin to direct the dream of your life.
We are on the dream journey, you know.  It begins with the thoughts – that’s faith.  And now it also includes the food.  The fitness is built in how you move the body.  You don’t have to move it much. You don’t need a bunch of crazy exercise.  All you need is some intercise – yoga, meditation, walking, a little stretching, maybe add a little Pilates and light weights.  That’s it.  Go for a walk. Get off the treadmill of life.  Get on the journey path, which is that which brings through the mind and the body health and wellness, and the wealth of life is with you.
I’m just starting out a few conversations for the next journey of our life and I’ll be continuing this conversation at Dr. Rob’s Mind Body Health—an offshoot of Mind Body Smile from Dr. Rob.  Stay tuned for exactly how to better take care of yourself, your body, your mind and your life.  God Bless.
– Dr. Rob

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