A Message from Dr. Rob about INVOCELL®

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INVOCELL® is a unique device that allows egg and sperm to fertilize in a small container within your body. Today we’re able to improve the outcomes for fertility in those who have struggled with the idea of the laboratory being in control of the fertilization that naturally occurs in a woman’s body.

How INVOCELL® Works:

Simply place egg and sperm in this tiny device that’s the size of a thumb. The INVOCELL® is then placed in the vagina, allowed to incubate for 3-5 days during which the body’s own natural energy and cultured environment is able to allow natural union and early division. The cultured egg and sperm is removed after 3-5 days, and the fertilized egg (now the cleavage or the blastocyst embryo) can be transferred right back to that natural environment.


For those who have beliefs that do not allow them to utilize standard in vitro fertilization, the opportunity is now here with INVOCELL®.  INVOCELL® at CNY Fertility is an innovative way to build your family when naturally it’s not happening on its own. Or, if you have other reasons.  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be utilized with this method, and embryos can be biopsied and frozen for those who still wish to use those methods, but the real intent is to move towards natural, allowing the body’s own mechanisms and methods to enhance your fertility.