A CNY Fertility Center clients' testimonial


Dr. Rob Kiltz joined forces with Kristen Magnacca mid 2008 and began offering a 3-Part Series of Love & Infertility workshops to his clients at the Syracuse CNY Fertility Center. In January of 2009 the 3-Part Series began at the Latham CNY Fertility Center. February 28th, 2009, 1pm-3:30pm is when the next one takes place. Click here for more information.

Kristy Lee’s testimonial:
“I signed up for Kristen’s “Love & Infertility” workshops despite a lot of hesitation. I had just gone through a painful, but successful, HSG exam and I needed some kind of support and coaching. I had no idea what to expect: would I be in a room full of weepy, and barren woman? Would we hold hands and hug and eat chocolate? Would we all feel angry and yell at the fates? What could I possibly get out of this? At 25 years old, I was not a stranger to the effects of my PCOS/hypothyroidism/Luteal Phase defect, but I had no idea how to handle the overwhelming feeling of knowing my body was failing me. Despite my hesitation, I signed up for Kristen’s workshops at the CNY Fertility Center. I knew I had to get the emotional and spiritual support that modern medicine couldn’t give me.
Kristen’s workshops changed my life. For months I had been angry at myself and was hurling hatred and insults at my body. I had always been a determined, driven young woman; and now I was failing at the most natural thing in the world. Kristen’s workshops taught me to begin the healing process. I had to forgive myself, let myself grieve, and let myself hope. After the first session, I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. The room was not full of angry, barren women. Instead, I saw myself in each and every one of the faces in the crowd. I was not alone. My entire way of thinking changed; I read Kristen’s book in one sitting and put all her exercises into practice.
My husband attended the next two sessions along with me. Our homework after the second session was to create a vision board. We had to put out into the universe our dreams, our goals, and our desires. My husband and I worked on the vision board for weeks, cutting out pictures from magazines and scraps of paper and gluing them all together. I channeled my frustration at my unpredictable cycles and vague ovulation predictor kits into my vision board. When it was completed, it was – to my husband and I – a masterpiece.
One week before the final workshop, I found myself face to face with a pregnancy test. I was waiting for a new cycle to start so that I could start Clomid and, hopefully, my first pregnancy. My period was due tomorrow but then I realized… it wouldn’t be due for another nine months or so. I was pregnant, without any medication or drastic medical intervention. My first baby, my miracle, the answer to many prayers, is due in August 2009.
Without Kristen’s help, I don’t think I would be pregnant right now. Kristen helped me tune into my body and my thoughts and, unwittingly, prepared me for this pregnancy. Kristen did for me what modern medicine could not: teach me to forgive myself, accept myself, and let life work out the way it’s meant to.”