A Call to Advocacy


family-handsDr. Rob and the rest of the CNY Fertility Family encourage you to visit the Resolve.org advocacy website listed below to add your name to the list of supporters for HR 697 Family Building Act of 2009.  This is such an important cause that touches more lives than you may think.  HR 697 is a bill that would require all insurance companies to include fertility treatment coverage in their plans if they also cover obstetrical services.  This would enable thousands of Americans to pursue fertility treatments that otherwise would be paid for out of pocket.  Most importantly, this bill gives each American the chance to have the family they have always dreamed.
Please visit the following website to include your name in a letter sent to your Congressional Representative:
Sign your name!

For more information on the cause here is the Resolve.org advocacy homepage: Find out what you can do to help!

Finally, Resolve.org compiled a beautiful video to pass on to friends and family, to make them aware of what needs to be done: Watch the video!
If you are interested in reading the actual bill, it can be found here: Read the bill!
Please consider signing your name to the Family Building Act of 2009, and make the dream of a family possible for everyone.
Lisa Stack