A Beautiful Day…
Posted by: Editor on Dec 08, 2014 in News, Success Stories

After several years of struggling with infertility/PCOS, going to other fertility centers, experiencing a miscarriage and disappointment after disappointment I came to CNY in Latham, NY. I met Dr. Grossman, who I instantly felt comfortable with, and started with another round of treatment.

It was a day in October 2012 that the stars seemed to finally align and I had a follicle that had decided to cooperate. I drove down to Latham, had my iui, walked out into the sitting room and passed Dr. Kiltz. I had only seen him on the CNY website, but instantly recognized him, and as he passed me he looked me right in the eye and said “It’s a beautiful day…isn’t it?” Yes Dr. Kiltz, it was a beautiful day and 9 months later our dreams came true.

On August 3, 2013 our little miracle, Avery Grace Seybolt, was born. I am forever thankful to CNY for helping my husband and I start a family. I truly believe that if we hadn’t kept going and fighting for what we wanted our daughter wouldn’t be here today. CNY gave us hope and was finally where we had success. I have come across unfortunately several people who are struggling with infertility and I don’t hesitate to recommend CNY. Miracles do happen…..


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