31 Days to Transform Your Life: A Daily Action Guide for Increasing Joy, Satisfaction & Fulfillment by Lisa Giruzzi


http://www.transformationalconversations.com/images/31dayscover.jpgIn this great tool, Lisa Giruzzi walks us though 31 simple steps to transform not only our thinking, but also the way to speak to ourselves.  If you have ever promised yourself the dream of happy thoughts and a simple and loving existence, these easy tasks are a great way to work towards your goal.  We all know how challenging it can be to keep resolutions and create new habits, so a constant daily reminder is important to have.
This book contains 31 tasks for us to complete, and use to build a great love and respect for ourselves.  If you are interested in following an accessible guide on your path to happiness, take a look at this sample chapter, and consider picking up this great tool at any of our CNY Fertility or CNY Healing Arts locations.
Day 12
Check Your Listening

“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient.  It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”
–       “Pooh’s Little Instruction Book,” Inspired by A.A. Milne

We all listen differently, based on our beliefs, opinions, past experiences, etc.  Yet, we barely put any attention on how we listen.
We also listen differently in different situations.  Imagine being on an airplane and the flight attendant is giving routine safety instructions.  How do you listen?  What if during the flight there is engine failure and the pilot directs the flight attendant to go over the safety instructions again?  Now how do you listen?
The way we listen impacts everything.  We have the power to alter how we listen at any given moment in time.  We can choose to listen with compassion, with intention, with love, or we can listen to learn, or to appreciate.  Choose how to listen and you will have the power to transform everything.
Transformational Actions:

  1. Ask yourself throughout the course of your day, “How am I listening right now?”
  2. Think about how you want people to listen to you, and then listen that way to others?