Video – CNY Fertility Injection Lessons: Lupron with Follistim & Menopur
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Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Teah is going to teach us how to inject the mixed medication protocol of Follistim, Menopur, and Lupron.  Now, if you aren’t taking Lupron, don’t worry—you can just skip over this step and move directly onto the Follistim and the Menopur.

Teah: Hi!  So today we’re going to mix our Lupron, Follistim, and Menopur together so that we can combine it into one injection.  Now, first we will prep all of our medications and then combine them all.  So, to start, we will do our Lupron.  We’re going to clean off the top with alcohol.  We will draw up five units of Lupron which is the standard dose.  So, the top of the plunger should line up with the line of the five—there we have it.  We’ll just set this aside.

Next, we’re going to draw our Follistim.  Most of you probably know that your Follistim goes together similar to a battery.  This is the medication pops on here, we twist the pen together, and then we just put our needle on.  The needle twists on like this, this pops off, and the needle itself is under here.  Now, for today, we’re just going to pretend you’re on 150 of Follistim.  Follow the instructions that you are given in the office on the dose of Follistim.  Today we’re just using 150 for the sake of demonstration.  Dial your Follistim up to the appropriate dose.  If, for some reason, you accidentally go over and draw up too much, you want to twist it all the way, go back to zero and go back to the appropriate dose.  The Follistim is set now.

Next, we’re going to prepare our Menopur.  Just like the Follistim, depending on how much they tell you to take in the office, depending on the vial; you’ll get as many vials as you need.  Today, we’re just using one, which one is 75.  So, we’re going to pop off the top of our Menopur and we’ll clean this off.

Now, we’re ready to add the Lupron to our Menopur.  So inject that needle and just put all the medication in there.  That takes care of the Lupron.

Next, we’ll take the Follistim, pop it right in, and just press it until you can’t go any further and it’s down to zero.  Now, all of our Follistim is in with our Menopur.  Next, we will just take a vial of water, clean it off with alcohol, we’ll take our needle with the syringe, remove the 25 gauge needle—you don’t need it until it’s time to inject.   You’re going to take your Q-cap, twist it onto the syringe, pop it onto the vial of water, and you will draw up 1-ml or 1-cc, same thing, of water.  Just make sure that you hold your plunger tight, so that it doesn’t bounce back and you get less water than 1-ml.  Pop the water off.  Next, you’ll take your full ml of water and add it to the Menopur, which we’ve added the Lupron and Follistim to.  Inject it in.

Now, all of our medication is mixed together in this one vial.  We’re going to draw it all out.  Now, the bottle is empty, I can remove the Q-cap, just twist it.  I’m going to replace the needle, put it back on, this is the 25-gauge needle for injection, get rid of the air bubble.  Any little air bubbles we have remaining, you can just flick, and they rise right to the top.  Now, you’re ready to inject.

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