Video – CNY Fertility Injection Lessons: Lupron with Bravelle & Menopur
Posted by: Editor on Aug 10, 2011 in News

Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Teah is going to teach us how to inject the mixed medication protocol of Lupron, Bravelle, and Menopur.  Now, if you aren’t on Lupron, you can just skip that step and go straight onto Bravelle and Menopur.

Teah:  Hi!  So today, we’re going to mix all of our medications together to combine it to one injection so it makes it nice and easy for everyone.

We will start by laying out all of our supplies, so we’re going to prepare everything separately.  So we’ll have our Lupron with the syringe, then we’re going to have our Bravelle, and then we’ll have our Menopur, Q-cap, and then our syringe with a 25 gauge needle.

So, to start, we’re going to draw up our Lupron, which is the standard dose of Lupron is 5 units.  So, we’ll draw up 5 units of Lupron.  The top of the plunger lines up with the line of the 5.  We’re set with that and we will set that aside.

Next, we’ll get our Menopur and our Bravelle prepared.  Depending on what you’re told and how many vials you’ll use, for today we are just going to use one of each.  They’re each 75 units of medication.  So, 75 of Bravelle; 75 of Menopur.

Now, we’ll flip off the caps of these.  They just pop right off.  Then, we’re going to get one bottle of water.  Clean these off with alcohol.  Get your needle and syringe.  Right away you’ll take your needle off.  You don’t need your needle until it’s time to inject.  Then you’ll get your Q-cap which comes with both Bravelle and Menopur.  It twists onto the syringe.  The other side is pointy like a needle.

What you’re going to do is pop it onto your vial of water, and draw up 1 ml or 1 cc, same thing, of the water.  Sometimes, the syringe will go back on its own, so you just want to make sure you hold it tight when you pop off the water, so you don’t lose any water.

So this is all set now.  I’m going to take and inject my Lupron into my Menopur.  That takes care of the Lupron.  Then I’m going to take and inject the 1ml of water into the Lupron and Menopur mixture, draw it right back out.  Pop off the Menopur, pop it onto the Bravelle, add the mixed solution to the Bravelle, and draw it all back out and you have everything mixed in this one syringe:  your Lupron, your Menopur, and your Bravelle.

Now, you’re just going to unscrew the Q-cap, put the needle back on, and get rid of your air bubble.  If you have any little ones remaining, you’ll just flick them out—they ride right to the top.  You’re all set for injection.

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