Video – CNY Fertility Injection Lessons: Lupron, Gonal-F & Menopur
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Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Teah is going to teach us how to inject a mixed meditation protocol of Gonal F, Lupron, and Menopur.  If you’re not on Lupron, you can just skip over this and go straight to the Menopur and Gonal F.

Teah:  OK, so today, we’re going to mix our Lupron, our Gonal, and our Menopur all together to make one injection.  So, starting off we’ll get our supplies ready with Lupron with a needle, Gonal with our needle, and our Menopur with water vial, and we’ll have our Q-cap, and our needle with a syringe.  We’ll want to draw up all of the medication beforehand and then combine them all into one.

So, we’ll start with our Lupron and what we’ll do here is clean this off with alcohol.  Taking our insulin syringe, we are going to draw up 5 units of Lupron and that’s the standard dose for Lupron.  So, 5 units here, top of the plunger lines up with the line of the 5, and that’ll be your dose for Lupron.  Set this aside.

Next, we’ll do our Gonal.  However much they tell you to take in the office is the amount of Gonal that you will use.  For today, I’m just going to say 150; but follow the instructions from the nurse that you’re given in the office.   As everyone knows, I’m sure, Gonal comes with the needles and you put your needle on, you’re going to dial up your dose of 150 like I said for today, pull it out for 150 or whatever dose you’re on should match up with what you pull out.  So, 150 here, 150 here; now our Gonal is ready to go.

Next, we’ll get our Menopur ready.  Just like the Gonal, for today, we’re using one vial of Menopur.  You may be on more Menopur If you’re on Menopur, follow the instructions that you are given in the office, but for today we’ll use one vial of Menopur which is 75 and one water.  Pop the caps off, and we’ll clean these off with alcohol as well.

Now, everything is set to combine.  You’re going to take your syringe with your 25 gauge needle, which is for injection and take your needle off right away—you don’t need this until the end.  Next you’ll take your Q-cap and it twists right onto the syringe.  You’ll set that aside.  Now we’ll combine the Lupron with the Menopur.  So Lupron is in.  Next, we’ll take our Gonal, and combine that with the Menopur and the Lupron, and this clicks as you’re injecting it.  Just remember that it continues to come out a little bit after the clicking stops and you can’t push anymore; so just hold it in there until you don’t see any more medication coming out.  So, now the Gonal is in with the Menopur.

Next, we’ll draw up 1-ml of the water.  Just make sure you hold your plunger, there is a lot of pressure and you don’t want to lose any water.  Just hold it while you remove it.  You’ll inject 1-ml of water into your Menopur, Gonal, and Lupron.

Now, everything is mixed—draw it all back out.  You’ll unscrew the Q-cap, put your needle back on, get rid of the air, and then flick out any remaining air bubbles that might be in there.  Then everything is all in the syringe and ready to go—one injection.

If you have any questions about dosage please call us toll free at 1-800-539-9870 and choose prompt #2. Administering the proper dosage is very important; we have a nurse available 24/7 at this number to assist you.

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